MPEP 2500

Maintenance Fees (MPEP 2500)

by patentbar on November 27, 2007

in MPEP 2500

  • Must identify patent number AND patent application number
  • Reminders are sent to FEE address, if any, otherwise to the correspondence address
  • Reinstatement
    • If unintentional, can pay within 24 months after grace period with petition (small entity fee) and showing that entire delay was unintentional; plus surcharge fee (no small entity discount)
    • If unavoidable, can pay any time after grace period with petition and showing; plus fee
  • Intervening rights from after expiration of patent until reinstatement of patent
  • Does not apply to plant and design patents
  • Can pay 6 months early or 6 months late; late payment = expiration of patent
  • Can be paid via fax, mail, or Internet
  • Anyone can pay